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Hospitality & Catering Jobs

Hotels, restaurants, conference centres and many more businesses require competent and confident staff to not only be the public face of their company but also to ensure the highest standards at all times. Getting a job in this industry is easiest if you use one of the main job websites that caters for the sector specifically.

Looking to enter the hospitality and catering sector? There are numerous job searches dedicated to this niche and the best of these are listed below. Due to the nature of hospitality jobs some international hospitality searches have been included and these are some that you almost certainly will not find at your local Job Centre.

Hospitality Recruitment

Working with some of the more famous hotel and restaurant chains, Hospitality Recruitment is run almost entirely by people who have worked in the sector themselves which gives them a unique insight into which roles might suit different candidates. Their experise shows in the success they have at filling open positions quickly and efficiently.

H Careers

Started in the US many years ago, H Careers has grown across the Atlantic to have it’s own UK branch of the business bringing it’s market leading knowledge and contacts with them. With hundreds of hospitality jobs both here in the UK and abroad we suggest you pay them a visit.


In the UK it should be said that Catere are most probablt the market leader in the hospitality recruitment sector. They are part of the Total Jobs group and this has undoubtedly helped them to grow rapidly to a site that, at the time of writing, has nearly 9,000 jobs to search whichi is many more than some of the other websites listed here.

Scottish Hospitality Jobs

Focusing on one region of the UK may mean Scottish Hospitality Jobs has fewer vacancies than it’s counterparts but they are targeted which makes for a better user experience for those candidates north of the border or those looking to relocate there.

Caterer Search

Owned and run by Reed Business Information Limited, the Caterer Search website is very user friendly and with over a thousand jobs available to apply for at any one time it displays new opportunities for all job seekers in this field.

Hotel Job Swop

Targeting the hotel industry only, this small website does not appear too flash on the surface but does offer a number of job vacancies in hotels that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, particularly from independent hotels who do not want to pay the higher fees of other sites you see here.

More hospitality and catering job websites will appear here soon.

Most of the big hospitality companies will go through a recruitment agency of some sort and the following list shows just a few of those that specialise in the hospitality and catering industry.

Mise en Place

Formed in 1997, Mise en Place have helped place hundreds of skilled hospitality candidates. Their personal and reliable service has made them a firm favourite with both candidates and recruiters alike as they have an uncanny ability to match quality candidates with the correct role and fast.