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Air Cabin Crew

Air cabin crews work on aeroplanes and take the main responsibility of ensuring the well being of flight passengers. In addition to handling the common cares and concerns that passengers are faced with, the air cabin crew also oversees the security of the plane and is in charge of handling emergency situations.

Those considering careers as air cabin crew members will need to have good customer service skills, as they will be responsible for calming any fears or apprehensions experienced by passengers. Since the air cabin crew works directly with passengers they should know how to be polite, respectful and have a friendly disposition at all times. Knowing how to separate personal feelings and emotions from business is imperative to making certain that passengers are comfortable and have their needs met in a professional manner.

Some of the day-to-day duties of air cabin crew members include preparing for flights by performing checks, attending briefings and making certain that the plane is ready for flight. During briefings that take place before passengers board the plane, the air crew will receive their assigned duties and be briefed regarding any important or special situations that might require additional care.

Other duties include greeting passengers and assisting or directing them to their seats. The air cabin crew will instruct passengers on safety procedures, demonstrating steps that are taken in case of an emergency and will make certain that all passengers are securely fastened in their seat belts. If any passengers need assistance getting situated due to handicaps, the air cabin crew will help them with this.

Additionally, the cabin crew will relay important messages given by the pilot to the passengers while, after the flight, the crew will be responsible for completing and filing paperwork such as a report of the flight. Each airline has its own standards and job requirements so make certain to check with each company for their company policies before applying.

Work hours consist of days, evenings, weekends and holidays and the average amount of hours spent flying is approximately eighty hours per month. Another eighty hours are spent performing groundwork such as safety checks and paperwork. Those who seek work as an air cabin crew member should ensure that they can handle changes in air pressure, standing for long hours and are used to flying into different time zones.

Salaries for newly hired air cabin crew members range between £12,000 and £15,000 per year. For those with experience, salaries can increase between £15,000 and £20,000 a year. Senior air cabin crew members can see their salaries increase to £25,000 a year.