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Royal Mail Jobs

Royal Mail jobs is a subject covered comprehensively by the media in recent years and it is normally negative publicity about job cuts and worker strikes but is working for the Royal Mail really as depressing as the news makes out?

Since the postal industry was deregulated Royal Mail jobs have undergone great upheval and change in order to make the company more competitive but despite job losses the workforce is one of the largest in the country with over 180,000 employees. This is maily thanks to the 80 million items that are still sent via the Royal Mail each and every day.

The main job that people think of when considering career paths in the Royal Mail is that of the humble postman (or postwoman for that matter) and it is this role we will first concentrate on.

The job of a postman is not always an easy one and involves frequent heavy lifting and exposure to adverse weather conditions. The role of a postman will undoubtedly involve delivery of mail and parcels by foot but the use of bicycles and mail vans is becoming increasingly common as each postman can be responsible for delivering or collecting mail from a wide area including large residential developments and commercial presences.

Royal Mail jobs don’t just involve delivery, however, with large teams of people working around the clock to sort and transport items from across the country. Typically there are many management roles into which workers can climb should they gain enough experience and show themselves capable.

Alternatively, if you are a graduate, you could enter straight into a head office role in HR, sales & marketing, and operations where you will be encouraged to develop to your own skills and strengths before evetually specialising in a more particular occupation. For these graduate role a 2.1 degree class is preferred with industrial experience looked upon very favourably.

Starting salaries for Royal Mail jobs vary from £13,000 for a new postman to £23,000 for the graduate scheme but no matter what route you take the best performing candidates will normally be given opportunities to progress in this meritocratic organisation. The Job Center Plus is a good place to look for jobs in the Royal Mail or in parcel delivery in general.