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Advertising Copywriter

An advertising copywriter creates the copy or words that are used in various forms of advertising. This includes lyrics for jingles, creating various scripts used for both radio and television commercials, creating slogans, and producing copy for text ads in print. A career as a copywriter can be very competitive and you will need to ensure that you have proper training before applying for a position. Most advertiser copywriting positions are based in large, metropolitan cities.

Those considering a career as an advertising copywriter should ensure that they have a good imagination and are highly creative. In addition to creativity, you will need to possess excellent grammar and general writing skills. You should have natural ability for writing fluently, creating catchy slogans, and for ensuring that you can create copy that is easy to understand and conveys a message simply from the product to the consumer. In order to be a successful advertising copywriter, you must be able to persuade consumers with your writing.

An advertising copywriter often works with a team, being flexible and working well with others is imperative for ensuring that you can get along with others and complete projects in a timely fashion. You will need to be well organised and have the ability to remain calm under pressure. As an advertising copywriter, you might be pressed to meet various deadlines so remaining calm while working under pressure is essential. Advertiser copywriters must be able to produce copy that appeals to the target audience or market. Staying current with popular trends and understanding market research to create ads that are geared towards potential audiences is important.

As an advertising copywriter you would work with a team of people to ensure that every aspect of the marketing campaign is completed. The art director is responsible for the imagery and visuals used in the campaign, so it is imperative that the advertising copywriter and art director work in unison. You will also need to ensure that you are writing copy that is in line with the visions and goals expressed by the client. Presenting your ads to the client for their approval is required and you will need to make any changes the client suggests.

Many extremely talented and creative people may find work based upon their portfolio and prior experience, however those who have degrees in copywriting, journalism, or advertising often hold an advantage. Earning a CAM diploma in Marketing Communications can also be beneficial. Advertising copywriters that join the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising often hold advantages in the field as well. For more information, contact the Communication Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation Limited or the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

Those beginning their career as an advertising copywriter earn between £18,000 and £25,000 per year. As the copywriter gains experience, this can increase to approximately £25,000 and £50,000 per year. Senior or lead advertising copywriters earn £100,000 and higher.