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School Dinner Lady

The official name for a school dinner lady is a School Meal Supervisory Assistant. The duties of a school dinner lady or S.M.S.A. are to supervise the activities and meals of children during school lunch time. There are several areas where a school dinner lady might work and she will frequently assist children in the lunch room, dining hall and maybe even the playground too. When working with small children, duties include helping them with their food by cutting and pouring drinks and assisting with opening packages. A school dinner lady may also serve the food in secondary school, while if a child has special needs they might be required to help coax the child into eating his or her lunch.

A school dinner lady handles different aspects when supervising children on the playground. Preventing and stopping children from rough housing and horseplay will help prevent accidents. Additionally, a school dinner lady serves as a supervisor and ensures that children are playing in a cooperative manner. The school dinner lady works directly under the Head teacher.

Since the school dinner lady primarily assists during lunchtime, the work hours are few. Some days consist of just one hours worth of work. Pay is approximately £5.00 per hour and this job is best suited for stay at home mums and those who are looking for part time work – web-slot-machine-betting.com.

There is room for advancement and with proper education and training you can take on other job opportunities in the school. There are no prior requirements or qualifications that must me obtained; however, you will need to pass a Criminal Records Bureau check to ensure that it is safe for you to work with children.