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Childrens Nurse

A career as a children’s nurse provides many rewarding benefits. Also referred to as a paediatric nurse, a children’s nurse specialises in the treatment and care for those who are eighteen years of age and younger. It is important for those who consider a career in children’s nursing to have a genuine love and care for children. They should also have exceptional communication skills as children often have great difficulty verbalizing what ails them. A children’s nurse must be able to communicate with children and to determine what the child is trying to express regarding his or her physical condition. You must be able to utilize all of the resources available to you to identify and assess a child’s condition.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a children’s nurse are varied. As a vital component to the child’s health care team, the nurse works in conjunction with the medical doctor to compose the best health care plan for the child. Additionally, the children’s nurse works closely with the family to ensure that they are properly equipped for the care and support of their children whether at home or in the hospital. In addition to the managerial aspects of nursing, a children’s nurse is also responsible for testing and monitoring conditions, administering medication, taking care of wounds, and are readily available to help medical doctors with any assistance they need.

There are several areas where a children’s nurse might work, as well as various specialisations that a nurse might choose to focus on. A children’s nurse might choose to specialise in certain areas and become a nurse practitioner or nurse consultant. Many children’s nurses choose to work in hospitals or special children’s wards, but other options are available. Schools and child health clinics are also in need of children’s nurses. Education is key to changing branches of nursing or to specialise in various areas. All children’s nurses must begin by obtaining their Nursing Diploma of Higher Education from an approved Nursing and Midwifery Council course. It’s also possible to enter children’s nursing through an apprenticeship so check with your area NHS trust.

The level of experience, education, and areas of specialisation will determine your earning potential. A children’s nurse typically earns between £19,600 and £26,200 per year. Those who become team leaders can expect to earn up to £32,600, while nurse managers can see their salary increase up to £38,300. The greater salaries are reserved for nurse consultants as they typically earn up approximately £64,000 per year. For those who have a deep affection and genuine concern for the well being for children, a career as a children’s nurse is an excellent choice.