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Adult Nurse

An adult nurse works with those who are eighteen years and older, and are at risk due to serious health conditions. They work with patients who have long-term illnesses, surgery patients, and those with acute illness. Providing the care needed to assist patients during their daily care, it is the role of an adult nurse to tend to the patient and meet his or her medical requirements on a daily basis. Working alongside doctors, an adult nurse focuses on many aspects and will perform duties ranging from assisting in medical care and treatment to record keeping and paperwork. There are also various areas of specialization that an adult nurse may focus upon. Many adult nurses help correlate a patient’s long-term health care plan and work directly with doctors in determining a course of treatment.

A career as an adult nurse includes learning and understanding the various types of diseases, illnesses, and conditions that greatly inhibit an adult’s life. Some of these conditions might be the result of ageing and are prevalent in the elderly, while others might be pathophysiological disorders. Nurses who specialize in adult care must be fully trained in multiple ways for helping patient’s gain the best level of health possible. These areas include assessing a patient’s health and degree of illness, appropriating treatments and interventions, identifying symptoms that are associated with pathophysiological disorders, and recognizing complications that are associated with the illness the patient is dealing with.

Working in many different environments, adult nurses may choose to work in residential facilities, hospitals, health centres, and other treatment facilities. All nurses rely upon a strong bond of trust between patient and health care provider, and developing close relationships is essential to the job. When a patient trusts and feels comfortable with his or her nurse, the relationship will be more enjoyable. Nurses spend more time with patients than any other medical professional that will be involved with the patient’s care.

Adult nursing includes more than just tending to the needs of patient’s and their families. You’ll also need to learn managerial skills, as you will be responsible for the assessment and implementation of various health care plans and procedures for your patient’s day-to-day care. It’s also important to make sure that you have certain personality characteristics that will help you succeed in a career as an adult nurse.

A successful adult nurse must be easily adaptable and skilled at multi tasking. Being responsible for several patients at once requires organization and quick decision-making. Every adult nurse must speak well and be a good listener. Listening and hearing what patient’s are saying is vital for ensuring that you meet your patient’s needs and make their quality of life better. Not only must you listen and understand, but you will also need to translate their statements into their health care plan. You must be an effectual communicator and know how to speak people. Communication doesn’t just include your patient but their family members as well. Knowing how to treat your patients and their family members with respect and reassuring their fears is an important aspect of adult nursing.

New adult nurses can earn between £19,166 and £26,200 a year while experienced nurse consultants can earn £60,880 a year.