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Environmental Jobs

The world is in dire need of environmentalists more than ever. The drastic climatic change, extreme weather fluctuations, increase in natural disasters, and the almighty global warming and ozone depletion have made it very necessary for the increase in environmental experts. The campaign to save the world has increased the need for people who know how to ameliorate the environment and reduce environmental hazards and climatic disruptions on both the microclimate and global scales. There are many positions for environmentalists to fill and the environment sector is highly diversified. Under the environmental sector, you have disciplines like microbiology, botany, biological sciences, forestry, ecological conservation and biodiversity studies, crop protection, environmental biology and so on.

Because the jobs of environmentalists are not very popular, it is hard to find many people studying it en masse. Thus, the dearth of environmentalists in the society. It is the opinion of many that environmental courses are not well paying. This is not true as countries like Canada pay environmentalists and foresters the same salary as they do medical doctors. In fact, environmentalists earn salaries on the scale of Level 18 – the highest paying level in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Environmentalists carry out environmental impact assessments in certain areas before large scale projects are executed in those areas. Therefore, you will find a lot of environmentalists working in the oil and gas sector, the agricultural sector and the energy sector. This is because most large scale projects can have enormous negative and positive impact on the environment. For instance, in digging an oil well, environmentalists are first assigned to the specified location to make an impact assessment. If it is found that any project is going to do a lot of harm to the environment, they recommend damage control measure which will make sure that the amount of damage caused is minimized. In the event that the losses far outweigh the gains environmentally, a total stop is recommended and more often than not, they will do anything to make sure that the project doesn’t see the light of the day.

Besides that single role, environmentalists are responsible for the management of the natural resources available globally and play a major role in ensuring that extinct species are somehow regenerated and replenished. Other roles they play include the sensitization of the general populace of the risk involved in certain anti-environment practices. So far, they have been effective up to a point but with more hands on the job and more voices in campaign, the world will be protected from more disasters.

Securing jobs in the Environmental sectors in any country requires a degree and if possible, a Masters and Ph.D in the field of study form any good school. Colleges and schools of environment and forestry also make a great impression during recruiting. Note that environmental jobs could also require extensive travel because of the research involved. Environmentalists earn anything between £15000-£40000 basic salary annually. Other sources of income are from grants and research funding.