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Carpet Fitter

A carpet fitter is responsible for removing old flooring and installing new flooring and carpeting both in commercial and residential homes. As each project is different, a carpet fitter is trained in using a number of different flooring products ranging from tiles to carpeting. Though specific training in carpeting would not be required and most will receive on the job training, there are certain qualities and characteristics that indicate a person would be a good candidate for a position as a carpet fitter.

Those considering a career as a carpet fitter should demonstrate excellent ability in maths. Maths is required greatly to measure floor space and to ensure accuracy when determining new flooring and carpeting as well as for configuring estimates. A carpet fitter must be in good physical health as there will be lifting and carrying involved with the job. Since you will be required to work with customers, having good customer service skills and a friendly disposition is beneficial. Paying close attention to accuracy will ensure that your projects will be completed without hindrance. It is also important to have a strong regard for safety procedures to prevent workplace accidents and injuries from occurring.

Determining how much flooring will be needed for a specific area is one of the most important aspects of being a carpet fitter. You will also be responsible for creating blueprints or plans that will illustrate the layout for the new flooring. Before installing the new flooring you’ll need to remove the existing flooring. A carpet fitter works as part of a team, therefore you must have the ability to work well with others.

Though you won’t need any certificates or degrees to begin working as a carpet fitter, you might find that getting an apprenticeship scheme is the best way to enter the field. For more information regarding training that you can undergo, contact the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

A typical workweek for a carpet fitter averages approximately 40 hours and may include weekend work, especially when working on residential homes. It is important to work with customers on a time frame that they feel comfortable with, so flexibility is important. If you are working for a business, late night hours might also be required as they may be conducting business throughout the day and floor work might be too disruptive. Having reliable transportation is also important, as you will be required to drive to various locations during the workweek. Ensuring that you have a valid driver’s license is vital for those pursuing a career as a carpet fitter.

Initial salaries for a carpet fitter range between £11,500 and £14,000 per year. Once you become qualified this can increase to and £18,500 per year. Those who become managers or supervisors earn up to £21,000 per year.